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Newly elegant opened restaurant Terra

About the restaurant


On the ground floor of our hotel every day for you serve the most delicious seasonal specialty of Pag: widely famous cheese, indigenous lamb of Pag, fresh white and blue fish, octopus, asparagus, a variety of shellfish and shrimp, lobster, and lobster all dressed with a little local spices ( sage, fennel, majčina dušica, rosemary ...) and an abundance ofgastronomic love...

hotel terra slika restoran

Our rich Enoteka with wines from all regions of Croatia and the world gives stamp benefits of which we have in - terra!

And the early morning hours with a light sea breeze Terrastic continental breakfast gives a special charm - definitely not miss!

Breakfast in hotel Terra Ambience hotel terrace TERRA, a sumptuous buffet breakfast and a la carte, friendly and warm service in the morning beginning the day with a super fast Internet guarantees a perfect start to the day.


The breakfast buffet of the hotel TERRA **** offers scented hot coffee, candles of natural juices, seasonal fruit, croissants, yogurt, fresh vegetables from the grill, salad, pancakes, toasts, omelette, cold salads and healthy cereals for an excellent start of the day.

Buffet breakfast

96,00 KN / 13 €

Coffe & Croassant

28,00 KN / 3.85 €

Breakfast Terra

47,00 KN / 6.20 € Pommes frites, horn, poached egg, ketchup

English breakfast

68,00 KN / 9 € Oatmeal with roasted veal sausage, poached egg, pommes frites, fried bacon, French toast

Mediterranean Toast

36,00 KN / 5 € With crunchy bacon and tomatoes


48,00 KN / 7 € With nuttella, ice cream and forest fruit
SERVED FROM 11:30 - 17.00 H

BrunchVisit us every day in the restaurant Kult on a brunch dishes offer

Bruschette pomodoro

32,00 KN/ 4 €

Tost sandwich

45,00 KN/ 6 € Two sandwiches with ham, cheese, green salad, tomatoes and apples

Royal club sandwich

54,00 KN/ 7 € 2 toast: Ham, cheese, fried bacon, pickled cucumbers, pommes frites, ketchup

Homemade macaroni with tomato and mozzarella

87,00 KN/12 €

Hot-cold salad

65,00 KN/9 € Vegetables, chicken, aurora sauce

Cesar salad

45,00 KN/ 6 € Toast, boiled eggs, green salad, olive oil, ceasar dressing
Our offer of dishes and specialties

Cold appetizers

Bruschette various

32,00 KN (bruschette pomodoro, tuna bruschette, anchovy bruschette)

Caprese salad

49,00 KN (tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar)

Cold warm salad

65,00 KN (vegetables, chicken meat, aurora sauce)

NEW Octopus salad special

55,00 KN 

NEW Mexican salad

70,00 KN (chicken meat, beans, corn,onions,pepper,salad, tomato, chilli)

Shrimp cocktail

65,00 KN  (shrimptails, cognac,aurora sauce)

Dalmatian prosciutto

65,00 KN

Pag cheese - traditional specialty of pag island

70,00 KN 

Warm appetizers

Homemade gnocchi with four type of cheese

75,00 KN (gorgonzola, gouda, edam cheese, parmesan, nutmeg)

Homemade macaroni with prosciutto and shrimp

95,00 KN (shrip tails, prosciutto, fish stock, white sauce)

Homemade macaroni - tomato and mozzarella

87,00 KN (tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, basil)

Tagliatelle with shrimps and salmon

89,00 KN (shrimp, salmon, olive oil, fish stock, cognac, white wine)

Tagliatelle with truffle and based sauce

75,00 KN (truffle based sauce, black olives, tomato, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, vegetable soup)

Spaghetti alla olioa

47,00 KN (garlic, olive oil, peperoncini)

Spaghetti bolognese

75,00 KN

Spaghetti with seafood

78,00 KN (variety of shellfish, olive oil, shrimp tails)

Spaghetti with shrimp and rocket salad

95,00 KN (shrimp tails, fish stock, olive oil, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes)

Black risotto

75,00 KN

Risotto with mushrooms

78,00 KN (mixed mushrooms, butter, stock, spices)

Meat dishes

Beefsteak 'kult'

190,00 KN (beefsteak, white truffles, stock, white wine, truffle based sauce, side dish homemade gnocchi)

Beefsteak rustika

170,00 KN (beefsteak pieces, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, chips, stock)

Beefsteak tagliata

170,00 KN (rocket salad base, sliced beefsteak, padano cheese, four kinds of pepper)

Beefsteak with green pepper

190,00 KN (beefsteak, stock, green peppers, homemade gnocchi)

Grilled rumpsteak with julliane vegetables

95,00 KN

Rumpsteak stuffed with prosciutto in barbacue Sauce

99,00 KN

NEW Turkey filet wrapped in sesame with sauce, Pommes frites

85,00 KN

NEW Chicken steak in fine herbs sauce

92,00 KN (chicken fillet, alar, chives, carrots, sour cream, mint, homemade gnocchi)

Meat platter for two

250,00 KN (2 rumpsteaks, 2 chops, 2 chicken fillets, skewers, chevapi, side dish)

Mixed meat

95,00 KN

Sea food

Seabass fillet with shrimps

130,00 KN (seabass fillet, shrimptails, polenta, fish sauce)

Adriatic squid with chard 0,5 kg

110,00 KN

Fried squid in tartare sauce

120,00 kn

Sea platter for two

360,00 kn (fish first class, tuna steak, shellfish, shrimp, side dish)

Tuna steak dalmatian style

120,00 kn

NEW cod - novalian style

85,00 KN (cod fillet, potatoes, garlic, olive oil, spices)

Fish - 1st class 1 kg

380,00 KN (dory, grouper, flounder, bream)

Shellfish and crustaceans

Scallops au gratin 2 pieces

50,00 KN (fish stock, olive oil, garlic, grated cheese, au gratin)

Dalmatian style mixed shellfish 0,5 kg

120,00 KN (vongole, venus shellfish, mussels)

Shrimp dalmatian style 0,5 kg

180,00 KN

Grilled shrimp 0,5 kg170,00 KN 

Grilled lobster

650,00 KN

Lobster dalmatino

750,00 KN  ( tagliatelle, olives, capers, salsa, fisgh stock, olive oil )


Cream soup

30,00 KN

Fish soup

35,00 KN

Cold cucumber soup

30,00 KN

Beef soup with meat35,00 KN 


Greek salad

35,00 KN

Shopska salad

35,00 KN (mixed vegetables, olives, feta cheese)

Rocket salad with pag cheese

35,00 KN

Mixed salad30,00 KN 

Side dishes

Homemade gnocchi

22,00 KN

Baked potatoes

20,00 KN

French fries

20,00 KN


22,00 KN

Salted potatoes

15,00 KN

Grilled vegetables

25,00 KN

Homemade macaroni

30,00 KN

Vegetables cooked in butter

25,00 KN


Chocolate mousse

30,00 KN

New vanilla & orange dessert in glass

38,00 KN

New strawberry - chocolate - caramel fantasy

38,00 KN

Chocolate cake with  wild berry fruits

30,00 KN

Ice fruit platter

50,00 KN

Wine list



Graševina vrh 0,75L

180,00 KN dry white wine, in beautiful bright-green-yellow color, with highly developed varietal flavor and bouquet.

Pinot sivi 0,75L

180,00 KN

Chardonnay vrh 0,75L

180,00 KN dry wine, in green-yellow color, full-flavored and aromatic, with expressed bouquet composition of this peculiar varieties. 

Kozlović 0,10dcl

35,00 KN


Škrlet 0,75L

120,00 KN

Graševina 0,75L

120,00 KN

Cabernet sauvignon 0,75L

120,00 KN

Frankovka 0,75L

120,00 KN

Wine in glass

Teran 0,10L

22,00 KN

Kozlović 0,10L

35,00 KN

Graševina belje 0,10L

22,00 KN

Graševina belje 1,00L

90,00 KN



Champagne louis roederer brut 0,75L

1.200,00 KN

Champagne louis roederer crystal 0,75L

3.950,00 KN

Champagne krug 0,75L

3.950,00 KN

Dom perignon 0,75L

2.800,00 KN

Moet & chandon 0,75L

900,00 KN

Pommery brut royal 0,75L

950,00 KN

Freixenete gordon negro 0,75L

210,00 KN

Freixenet 0,20L

50,00 KN

Champagne 2M 0,20L

210,00 KN



Hektorović 0,10L

40,00 KN

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